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Oct. 6th, 2014 05:41 pm
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These are necessary, I discovered! Any private message to Ted's communicator will go here, if you please, so I may treasure it forever.
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If you don't want to be tagged by Ted, leave a message here with the mun name, list of journals, and so on. Comments are screened.  As always, you can contact me in the HMD, pm'ing the journal, or on Plurk [plurk.com profile] Judgecf
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☼ Stands for frequently interacts (once a week or more) ♥ Stands for loved one ♪ Stands for Trump ♔ Stands for believer
✂ Stands for not in the game anymore ✖ Stands for enemy ✦ Stands for trying to convert △ Stands for acquaintance

Moon; Koishi KomeijiThe Moon has always guided me in dark times. We met at a Christmas party, and she gave me a gift, and has given many more, not least of all herself. She kept me safe in Dracula's Castle, and looks after me as well as any fairy godmother might; just as whimsical, too. Yet her true nature as a soulless, lobotomized, maybe even flesh-eating Youkai worries me. The more we get to know each other, the more disconcerting truths we find. The subarchway, "Old Hell", she's trapped her sister in gives me no end of concern. I hope, through all this, our bond will persevere. May the Moon shine, even with stolen light. Lord, please sanctify her and I, and bring your peace upon us.

Airy Miller
Nice enough girl; I read her a fairy tale and we talked of employment. Oddly endowed with arboreal powers, which supposedly isn't the least of it. I also critiqued her children's story; she didn't take it well.

Ronan's boss who works at a flower shop. As pretty as her wares, I stop buy to get white flowers, especially roses, every so often. She seems empty, somehow, as if her delicacy might blow her away like a petal. She's expressed, on numerous occasions, a desire to understand universal fundamentals. I'm more than happy to tell her.
Konoka KonoeA magician based out of Everglade. When I figured her under the thrall of enchantment, I mounted a swift, if indelicate, rescue. It didn't bear much fruit. Still, we're on tepid terms, and she's offered her healing services to any who'd need it, including myself. Wouldn't be the first time sorcery has aided me, though it still unnerves. At least I know I can count on her for the city's sake.

Beautiful woman with a beautiful name; means "who is like God?" Not a believer, sadly, but her hair is encouragingly white. She's taken to the world and seems well on her way to finding a purpose in it: history. We talked more of her goals during a ball, and she's determined to puzzle out the ancient mysteries of Genessia. I wish her every success in that, especially if she shares.

Pretty, if self-conscious girl I met at the dance. We worked away at the latter through the magic of waltz, and had a lovely evening.
SmokerA marine, a philosopher, and a good man, I admire this oddly-named lawman very much. We had a long, lovely talk about justice. Imagine my surprise when he, of all people, was most sympathetic to my 'vigilante' efforts. Suppose he would know better than most the inadequacies of law. Good-natured, trustworthy, and a little under-dressed. Still, I fear that, like all good men, he'll be pushed to his limits for the sake of virtue. I hope he finds the Lord and the grace that comes with Him. Lord, please grant him your wisdom and light, and guide his path.

A legendary swordsman and mercenary to whom I owe the bulk of my expertise. Still, I wish he would talk more. His modesty and humility is large to the point of frustration. I wonder, if I gave him a tract, would it take? Suppose I ought to try.

Justice Mewtwo
An ornery pokemon who saved my life while I tried to know more of his. Justice was created wholly by men who sought power; poetically, they were overpowered. Thankfully it didn't go much farther than that. Since then he's steadfastly denied his purpose as a servant of man, much to my concern. He had a wonderful stint as Fayren's deputy, but sadly gave it up once the going got tough. Now he's reverted back to his old ways, and it breaks my heart. I wonder if I shall have to break him in kind. Gengar knows, perhaps, better than any pokemon on this earth, the value of service. If anyone could demonstrate it, Gengar could. I've only to give him power enough to demonstrate its ultimate inadequacy. I should see if there are any spare pokeballs left, too. Lord, please help Justice fulfill his purpose as a servant and worthy weapon.
DraculaLord of Castlevania, and the vampire who's been a thorn in the side of most everyone. Ironically enough, trying to thwart such an obvious evil was the reason I ever got involved in that city to begin with, so in a way I owe him for the present romance. Doesn't mean I won't put a stake through his heart. Why no one else has the desire is beyond me; perhaps they're leaving room for God's vengeance? I'd be lying if I said I hoped the task didn't fall to me personally.
AzaleaPleasant looking dragon with whom I'm on less than pleasant terms, owing to her worldly outlook. Suppose I wasn't much better when I was two. Still, it pains me to see her snared by her subarchway. No one else will try to talk her out of it, and she'll never listen to me. What can I do? Lord, please, free her from illusion and false happiness
KarlaSwordswoman and my ally in Gestalt, somewhat to my chagrin. Women fighting is so ugly, but I suppose it can't be helped. She's lived a lonely life, and it shows in her blank person. Thankfully she's trying to rectify this and seek friends. I'd like to help, but how women befriend each other is still a mystery to me. Lord, please bless her with companions.
David HallerDavid helped me gain the courage I needed to stand up to Dracula; I'm also part of his group, Gestalt, which so far has been idle. The love between us has cooled, somewhat, as my ideals and his don't seem to agree. He's also given me the mental shield necessary to avoid psychic dangers, and for that I'm grateful. And yet, for a man as many-talented as he, I wonder why we still have the niggling problems we do? Any answer would satisfy, even that it was a sensitive secret. I hope we're still on good terms.
Johnny StormA superhero who's none too shy about identities; we talked about the limits of lethal force. Charming fellow who said he'd invite to dinner some time. He's opened up a game shop; that might be fun for the children's home.
Sun WukongFabled youth who saved me from some madman a year or so ago. He's also invented the Beacon Boards, an invaluable tool in my game. Satsuki and he got off to a bad start, I'm told, and I tried to mend in her defense. It didn't work. I wish he could see the goodness in her that I do.
Hinata HyugaWoman after my own heart. I entertained her with stories of ghostly pokemon as a way of demonstrating the wonders and delights of Genessia, while not neglecting to mention the horrors. In every respect, she responded perfectly. A ninja with eyes that can see all round; I know she'll do well here. I even gave her a list of four girls that I think she'd do well to meet; I wonder how that's going?
BrackenA nervous mage whom I helped settle in to Genessia. His spirit seems much younger than his flesh; his innocence allayed my worries about his sorcery. What helped more was putting it to good use as we traversed the fire ruins. A dangerous, if thrilling enterprise; I feel bad for pushing further than we ought; my risk almost got the both of us killed. He was brave and kind throughout the entire thing, however. I wish dearly he were not involved with sodomy, especially not the villain it's with, but I can't seem to talk him out of that sin, or any others of the flesh. I can only hope and pray he repents. Lord, please bring him out of the world and into your ways.
Ronan O'ConnorWeathered detective, and the last one standing from those halcyon days. Seems we've parted over what used to bond us: a mutual desire to serve and protect. It's as though he believes more in the a flawed law than God. Not that I'm unsympathetic to loss and bereavement; can't help but know those things in Genessia. Even so, I wish we could be reconciled. Lord, please restore his faith and bring peace between us.
Star/Satsuki KiryuinStar has always given hope when I most needed it. From advice to weapons training and license, she gives no end of gifts and asks nothing in return. I am glad I got her a gift at Christmas and sewed such fateful seeds. She was even good enough to sacrifice for the safety of the world. Her latest gift was, through no fault of her own, completely wretched; I cannot bear to show her. As evil as it is, I begrudgingly admit it is powerful. I just hope it's worth it. Star pretends stoicism, but I know that beneath that pretentious void lies a warm, glimmering speck of light that can't help but shine through.
AnubisAnubis is a strange god; he expressed concern for the dead, yet was willing to trust how I planned to handle them.
Alice MargatroidHilarious dollmaker that puts on charming productions. Rumored to have some for graver purposes, though happily these I've not seen.
Anastasia LeonheartThis princess was the first to show me, albeit indirectly, the horror of the subarchways. I wish I could get through to her, but the estrangement between us seems impassable. That she acts nothing like a well-behaved princess should doesn't help matters. Even so, I feel duty-bound to protect her. But how do you protect someone from themselves?
Death; SansSans the Sane Skeleton. He's one of the vanishingly few people I can count on to take things as seriously as they merit. Still, even the best comedy can't escape tragedy. I learned from Flowey that monster souls like his will, upon death, be forever lost. He told me not to grieve, yet the thought of an irreparable parting, however far away, is unbearable. Maybe if he were a believer, he would have eternal life too. But I hardly know how to broach the topic. Right now, when I can get past his lethargy, he's teaching me that strange game that one day might be necessary to redeem Flowey. Maybe then?
Conan EdogawaI first met Conan while trying to rescue from bizarre horrors born in a TV, of all things. In detective fashion, I pieced together from the way others spoke about him, and what we were told about that strange dimension, that his maturity owes to more than mere precociousness. Yet his worldview is piteously narrow; one might think after being drawn to an entirely new world, he'd drop old habits. Alas. I harbor some guilt for playing upon his nobler instincts to put him at a Ball, but I don't mind a little unscrupulousness if it gets him human.
Fai D. FlouretteMy replacement for Guardian of Everglade, we first met while planning Sakura's rescue attempt. Since he took the reigns, the city has been worse than ever. I tried to be patient, but after so long without redress, I fear I may have to try something more drastic. Nonetheless, I appreciate his work ethic, but with fatuous philosophy behind it, it will lead to naught. Hopefully my efforts won't give him too much trouble.
Namur♥ A sharkman and a pirate who, despite all sense, I've grown to love. Suppose that's the power of first impressions. None helped my city as readily as he has. Despite his base morality, shady career, and filthy language, Namur is a nugget of gold in a mound of dross. I wish I knew how to mine souls; God, presumably, does. There may be some promise there; both Christians and fishmen are born in water. I'll have to ask him to teach me his bizarre martial art sometime. I wish he gave me the same level of trust.
Lucy HeartfiliaLucy's a guildmate of Levy, who took the fight to Dracula. We got off on the wrong foot after a careless remark, but time heals all wounds. There's been a rift between Levy and Lucy, and now that Levy is gone...I hope it wasn't in vain.
Tony StarkStark, aka Iron Man, apparently got into the superhero business himself using his accrued wealth. That certainly would explain why he refused to clean the gutters; not the type to do dirty work. He's fun to banter with, though he was none too pleased with my efforts in a similar career field. Still, I can't gainsay his ability for repetition. He seems well on his way to living a similar life, if his rapidly growing business is any indication.
Steve RogersA man after my own heart. Indeed, It does my heart good to see someone who came to all the same conclusions about means and ends. And a fellow American, too! Though my own costume is horrible, I'd still like to crime-fight with him any day. Still, he's been curiously silent about all the hubbub. Oh well, doubtless he'd take my side.
AdelaWe first met when I tried to give comfort to victims of Battler's cruelty. She bore a curious mixof pride and humility, but things went all right. I've since discovered that she works with Smoker at his bike shop. Somehow that doesn't prevent her from associating with pirates, which has me worried. Joyfully she's got a working prosthetic now, and couldn't be happier.
Sasuke UchihaSasuke is a youth who may be too independent for his own good. Callous and taciturn upon arrival, I've made my own efforts to welcome him warmly, but to no avail. He's got an admirable work ethic for someone his age, at least; I hope it's been satisfied with something.
Ace D. PortgasVillainous pirate whom I'd love nothing better than to batter. Unfortunately, Smoker tells me he'd love that even more, so I'll have to try other methods to make him miserable. Fortunately he likes my talk not at all,so that's something. The relationship between he and Smoker is complicated, to say the least. Ace seems to symbolize much more than himself, which gives the marine no end of stress. Everyone but him swears up and down there's light...suppose they're just better visionaries than I.
KuzanAnother marine, one well respected by Smoker. Going by his praise, Kuzan has mastered the art of Prudence; a virtue that I confess I lack. I'd like to make him my ally, somehow, or at least some hermit for whom I might seek advice. But 'lazy justice' is, predictably, hard to exhort.
Nora ValkyrieMoody girl with peaks and valleys that come very suddenly. We were set up a blind date, and she was a good sport, if a little unnerving for her brute strength. Let's see if she's just as amicable at the ball.
Ibuki MiodaPerky and quirky, Ibuki has an odd habit of 3rd person talk. Her piercings, dress, and er...boldness isn't what one would call ladylike, but she's gay and willing as anything. A musician, too! I'll keep an eye out for any performances.
Nagito KomaedaCrazed youth with an unnatural fixation on 'hope', which he's conflated with goodness. I've never met anyone who could talk so much of virtue and yet discomfort so wildly. He seemed disappointed with my vigilante antics; hopefully that'll cool him off from anything unsound. Still, I get the odd feeling he might sin so that grace may increase. May he be as sane as I hope.
Tifa LockheartMotherly woman; maybe too much. Her first inquiry upon arrival was to find her family, and I had the unpleasant duty to disappoint her. For that I tried to substitute hope that she could love this world just as much, if not more than the last, all because our true home lie beyond them all. It didn't take, but she was kind nonetheless. I hope she's all right.
Strength/SatoriStrength, the Moon's sister. While the myth behind and between men and Youkai recreate itself in us, I'm happy to say we've avoided the worst of it. I love talking with her; neither of us confuse the other or bore with length. She's delightful to tease, and her own solemnity provides no end of amusement. Nor is she flippant; so many combinations fitting together so wonderfully. Which is why it kills me to see her wither and die in her own, personal hell. I'd give anything to see her free from it, had I any confidence it'd bear fruit. Koishi said she made it specifically to make Satori happy; for her own good, would I be willing to try and destroy that happiness? Even if it meant the loss of my own? <i>Lord, please put away falsehood and rescue her from loneliness and lies.</i>
Abel NightroadI was overjoyed to have found a priest of the faith here. Alas, my hope was in vain. Though we've talked and I've confided in Abel, truthfully he seems to rank among the faithless. This wouldn't vex me too much, were it not that I suspect his position and false teachings might do more harm than good to any who might view him with some authority, as I did. Does he not know that wayward teachers will receive double condemnation? I suspect not; to know more about theology than a 'Father' is deeply troubling. He claims to be a friend, and I suppose that's true enough, but to see a figure of the faith fall so far wanes my spirit.
FloweyDeceptive, poisonous buttercup I met, appropriately enough, in (Old) Hell. He forced me into some foul game involving magic and crude metaphysics, then left off informing me about Sans'...mortality. Yet Sans, who knew far more of his murderous heart, expressed a hope that he might be redeemed. I've put my faith in him, and we prepare even now for that purpose.
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Name 3Symbols 3Blurb 3
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Name: Theodore Satchel
Age: 22
Birthday: June 12
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: Ted has an athletic build from regular exercise and activity, striking a good balance between lean and muscular. His eyes are hazel, and his hair is blonde; short and unkempt. He dresses in simple medieval garb most times, in as many ostentatious colors as he can. His default facial expression is happy and oblivious, to a nearly irritating degree. It's not unusual to see him wandering around with his eyes closed. Items he consistently has with him are some sort of bag or sack, a stick or sword, and a holstered firearm.
Profession/Role: Adventurer, i.e. jack of all trades and failure in all subjects
  ♥ Intellectual Talent: Symbols. Specifically, words. Ted's well read, and it shows as he can talk at length about many subjects, largely by waxing poetic and teasing out whatever meanings suggest themselves. 
  ♥ Technical Talent: Firearms. He has trained extensively in Nova City to handle a variety of futuristic weapons and to use them tactically.
  ♥ Physical Talent: Swordsmanship. He has learned from a demon lord and a legendary mercenary on how to handle a blade, which, being a romantic, he's fain to do.
  ♥ Interpersonal Talent: Inspiration. Every so often he can lovingly gush about goodness and light, giving others renewed purpose and hope. 
  ♥ Intellectual Failing: Planning. Ted doesn't think about how his actions might play out or be received, and acts impulsively.
  ♥ Technical Failing: Modern technology (that isn't the latest gun). He's easily satisfied with more 'natural', simple ways of doing things and, unless he's moonstruck by romance, isn't interested in machines or spreadsheets.
  ♥ Physical Failing: Perception. Not a detail person.
  ♥ Interpersonal Failing: Insensitivity. His mouth has little filter, owing to his honesty and rashness, which gets him into trouble if people don't like his jokes as much as he does.


Family: Ted, surprise, surprise, is an only child to two very silly parents. He's lived a charmed, upper-middle-class life, and was allowed to do what he pleased. Despite the somewhat sheltered and spoiled upbringing, there was a lot of love growing up.
Education: While Ted has attended some college, most of his education has come from books, both fiction and nonfiction. The former was fairy tales and penny dread-fulls, the latter was works on divinity.
History: [REDACTED]
Goals: Ted wants to do everything. Learn and love every one and everything, and experience all life has to offer. He wants to save the world and everyone's souls while he's at it. 


Likes: Christianity, saints, God, morality, books, colors, exercise, swords, guns, conversation, bores, fantasy, daydreaming, novelties, learning, heroics, adventures, fighting, beautiful clothes, monsters, games, symbolism, poetry, teasing, jokes, ideals, drama, meaning, friends, enemies, names--especially Tarot-inspired nicknames
Dislikes: Flippancy, evil, deviance, filthy language, prosaic things, the occult, tedium, oblivion, postmodernism, contrary ideologies
Strengths: Ted wants to be good more than anything. He's genuine to an absurd degree, exhibiting complete loyalty to his friends and ideals. He's enthusiastic and cheerful, seeking to live out every virtue. He will fight to the end for what he believes in, and he believes in a lot. He is utterly open to new experiences, willing to try or attempt anything that seems necessary or fun. For the most part, he's psychologically well-balanced, being serious when it's necessary and playful the rest of the time. He has a sincere love of God and others, which he expresses often with much affection. He's happy-go-lucky and difficult to offend, and quick to forgive besides. He loves all jokes, good and bad, and can find the good or the humorous in practically anything.
Weaknesses: Ted does not always think things through, leading him to get in over his head or make rash decisions. He often doesn't have the patience or genius to appreciate long-term strategy, and he hates losing a battle to win a war. While he has bouts of eloquence, most of the time his profundities sail right over the heads of the people he talks to, creating confusion and misunderstanding. He has a profound fear of loss, making him unwilling to sacrifice. Ted is needy, and often requires more help than he gives. He has little skill in subtlety, which leads him to unknowing offense and clumsiness in spheres of life. His ideals can sometimes burn too hot, creating zeal and rigidity. He is sensitive, which can cause him to be moody and melodramatic. He has a very hard time choosing his ideals over his friends whenever the two conflict. Finally, he sometimes talks too much.
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A list of possible RP ideas I'd like to do/plot out

  • Meet every aspect of the Tarot, i.e. befriend or otherwise get close to people who embody those aspects. So far he's met The Moon, Strength, Death, Magician, and Star. There's tons more to go! Not sure what that means? Ask!
  • Play danmaku, but in a non-magical way.
  • Figure out Genessia's metaplot
  • Ride a Dragon
  • Find magic items, especially weapons. Especially holy items. Especially holy weapons.
  • Meet other believers, esp. a Christian priest he can confess/talk to about things
  • Save Everglade from itself
  • Convert someone/ watch/initiate a baptism (he has low confidence he can do this though; thinks it's the Hierophant's job)
That's it! Poast below if you think you can fulfill his deepest desires.


Aug. 6th, 2015 11:46 pm
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Theodore Satchel
Level 33 Female Wartortle (Water) Shy Nature
Moves: Bite (Dark), Protect (Normal), Aqua Tail (Water), Rapid Spin (Normal)
Level 27 Female Gothita (Psychic) - Impish Nature
Moves: Double Slap (Normal), Psybeam (psychic), Tickle (normal), Fake Tears (Dark)
Level 30 Male Trevenant (ghost/grass) - Jolly Nature
Moves: Feint Attack (Dark), Ingrain (Grass), Astonish (Ghost), Leech Seed(Grass)
Level 27 Male Houndoom (Dark/Fire) Serious Nature
Moves: Bite (Dark), Odor Sleuth(Normal), Smog (Poison), Ember (Fire)
Level 30 Male Gengar (Ghost) - Naughty Nature
Moves: Sucker Punch (Dark), Confuse Ray (Ghost), Lick (Ghost), Hypnosis (Psychic)
Level 31 Male Grimer (Poison) Bold Nature
Moves: Disable (Normal), Mud Bomb (Ground), Sludge Bomb (Poison), Minimize (Normal)
Level 29 Cryogonal (Ice) Proud Nature
Moves: Acid Armour (Poison), Aurora Beam (Ice), Haze (Ice), Bind (Normal)
Level 27 Solrock (Rock/Psychic) Bold Nature
Moves: Fire Spin (Fire), Rock Slide (Rock), Embargo (Rock), Psywave (Psychic)
Level 25 Male Venonat (Poison) - Stoic Nature
Moves: Psybeam (Psychic), Leech Life (Bug), Poison Powder (Poison), Stun Spore (Grass)
Level 25 Female Ivysaur (Grass/Poison) - Bold Nature
Moves: Razor leaf (grass), Sweet Scent (Normal), Sleep Powder(Grass), Take Down (Normal)
Level 36 Female Foongus (Grass/Poison) - Jolly Nature
Moves: Synthesis (Grass), Toxic (Poison), Giga Drain (Grass), Feint Attack (Dark)
Level 31 Female Vileplume (Grass/Poison) - Calm Nature
Moves: Poison Powder (Poison), Sleep Powder (Grass), Mega Drain (Grass), Stun Spore (Grass)
Level 33 Cacturne (Grass/Dark) - Mild Nature
Moves: Spiky Shield (Grass), Spikes (Ground), Payback (Dark), Needle Arm (Grass)
Level 33 Male Murkrow (Dark/Flying) - Quirky Nature
Moves: Wing Attack (Flying), Assurance (Dark), Night Shade (Ghost), Taunt (Dark)
Level 23 Female Nuzleaf (Grass/Dark) - Naughty Nature
Moves: Feint Attack (Dark), Torment (Dark), Razor Wind (Normal), Nature Power (Normal)
Carrying:1 pokeflute, TM 65: Shadow Claw, Helix Fossil,
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Note: no insurance
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CHARACTER NAME: Theodore Satchel
CHARACTER SERIES: OC; basically Earth, but every so often paranormal things happen. If you've ever read a Charles Williams novel, it's like that.

Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Sure, you can even be a dude! He doesn't think it's gay. But he does prefer not to play with people's affections.
Flirting with this character: He likes to play too, but he'll probably have reservations against anything serious.
Fighting with this character: Far be it from him to refuse a duel of honor. 
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Sure, but nothing mutilating please unless you clear it with me first.
Killing this character: Big no, unless you clear it with me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Probably wouldn't work atm in Gen, thanks to David's psyshield. Ask if you wanna do it anyway.
Ability 1: Handy Haversack.

So long as Ted has a container of some kind with him, he can carry around a subspace that can hold a virtually endless amount of items regardless of size or weight. These items can be rearranged and moved at will, so long as they're not alive. The contents of this space are known to Ted on a photographic-memory level, which is how he knows what he has and allows him to retrieve (or select or will) any item on the fly. This space is limited to one container at a time. If the container is destroyed, the space will relocate to something else nearby, like his pocket or even mouth. 

The bag is habitable, and it can hold people as well as objects. So long as they enter a space with enough air/heat. The bag's interior is pitch black, necessitating artificial light to make travel possible. Anyone may enter into the container (it can stretch a reasonable amount to accommodate) or put things into it. Getting things out requires them to both own the 'thing' in question and specifically will it to come out. 

Additionally, what he can put in isn't limited to what he can lift. He can put in a small house if he makes an effort to wrap the container around it. Likewise, getting things out puts them where he wants them in a reasonable distance regardless of weight.

Ability 2: Zero
Being vaguely related to the Tarot themes, being "The Fool" means that he is empty, but full of potential. In real world terms, Ted is a very fast learner. If it's something an ordinary human is capable of doing, then he'll catch on very quickly, provided his instruction/training is adequate. Even so, some tasks will only allow him to be second-rate, depending on his aptitudes. Physical or sensory things, for example, have lower skill ceilings, as he is more of an abstract person.

Ability 3: Stuff!
Some stand-out stuff that's relevant:
A. Hellfire walker's: boots from Koishi's subarch that protect him from heat, especially around the feet.
B. Gauntlets: Same source as the walkers, these gauntlets protect his hands from heat and can also emit telekinetic hands that, with increased difficulty, work just like normal hands. Force-choking ensues.
C. Winter Sword: Same place! Icy blade that's super-durable and freezes whatever it cuts.
D. Nundu cloak: Deflects magic and, when wrapped in it completely, grants magical invisibility
E. Goku Uniform, three-star: In its dormant form i.e. 2-star, this life-fiber vest grants him increased strength, speed, etc. In the three-star form, he looks like this. In that form, the suit enhances the aforementioned qualities, as well as interacts with his "hole" or handy haversack ability. In other words, the suit can form holes anywhere, allowing him to absorb attacks as well as foes if he surrounds them. Thus, a bullet could go right into the suit and into the hole harmlessly. He can also use the threads to form new holes, and attack/absorb through those. 


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